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Why choose us?

CCN Limited blend manufacturing expertise, with a customer centric approach to ensure your project goes smoothly and successfully.

Our ethos is that we are dedicated to continuously improving and to delivering exceptional results, this makes us a top performer in our sector.


We have products for all applications... and if you can't find the product, talk to us as we are happy to work with you to develop and test for what your project requires.  

FD30, FD60, FD90, FD120

Our range of fire and smoke controlled doorsets are available in a myriad of finishes and design details, which are sector specific. We supply fire rated doorsets for use in education facilities, integrating finger protection and specific access controls, in health sector, with HTM58 spec, anti bacterial fishes or even full post formed, or with stainless steel frames, for use in security applications such as secure facilities or multiple occupant residential scenarios for SBD and PAS23/24. 



Our non fire rated doorsets are suitable for use in commercial and institutional applications, where simple robustness and longevity are required, against heavy usage. Privacy seals and air transfer grilles can be added without restriction. 


Acoustic products

CCN offer a wide variety of acoustic products for doorsets and glazed screens, up to 52dBA. We can also manufacture acoustic panelling to specification to compliment the other joinery elements within a project.


Post formed, PVC wrapped doorsets and screen

In most health sector applications, there is a need for post formed products, whether to be fully wrapped frames and doors, or Half height protection plates, and edge protection guards, which give added robustness for trolley impacts or generally high usage. 

Get in Touch

give us a call, or send us an email to discuss your project, we know we can help. 

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