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Open the door to the next level of service

the range of service CCN provide exemplify our products, in that we are functional, reliable and effective

Wooden Billets

Compliance & Technical

Manufacturing Assembly

Advanced manufacturing facilities

Image by David Zieglgänsberger

High quality products with exceptional finishes


Our products are performance led and are designed to be robust, functional and aesthetically attractive

We offer product warranty up to 20 years. 

We are proud to be accredited to the standards



FSC Certified

GAI member


We offer fire rated from FD30, to FD120 to a wide dimensional envelope within the field of application

We manufacture acoustic products up to 46dBA

Our health range includes clean room PVC encapsulated, X-Ray and laser resistance products

Our education range includes finger protection

We offer security solutions for SBD PAS24 


Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with modern, automated, high-technology machinery.
We excel in delivering high-quality, robust joinery products in a plethora of exceptional finishes.
We use only the highest quality materials and techniques to ensure that our products are built to last.

Maintenance & Aftercare

Our experienced team can guide you through most issues and help to resolve. 

Our products are supported with detailed operation and maintenance instructions and product care guides
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